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Weight Loss Beauty Machine Cavitation Slimming Vacuum Roller Rf Massage Weight Loss Machine

The 360-degree rotating radio frequency system introduces the therapeutic effect of heat therapy on the human body, which provides a unique massage therapy with an automatic head rotation function to ···


The rotating negative pressure radio frequency instrument is a non-invasive shaping instrument. The liposuction handle is combined with vacuum negative pressure + 6MHz radio frequency + 180° mechanical rotation + LED red and blue light technology in one. It can perform deep massage on the body and heat it evenly. The 30mm skin tissue is accurately heated to promote blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism of adipose tissue. Combined with aerobic exercises such as suction, pinch, and rotation of skin and adipose tissue, it maximizes the penetration of radiofrequency energy during treatment. Raise the temperature of the deep skin, the temperature of the collagen tissue will rise, and the temperature of the collagen will rise to the instant shrinkage of the product, so as to realize the four effects of fat melting, shaping, skin tightening and lifting in one. Rotary Negative Pressure RF can be used on any body area that may need contouring: thighs, abdomen, arms, belly and more, and can effectively help clients improve cellulite concerns and skin conditions


1. Dual Interface Design

2. Intelligent Temperature Control System

3. Patented Liposuction Handle

4. Real-time Temperature Detection System

5. Non-invasive

6. Safe&Efficient

7. Long-term Effects

8. Comfortable Labor-saving Convenient


• Body Sculpture: Create beautiful body curves

• Skin Lifting: lifts sagging face/body skin

• Skin Firming: Tightens sagging face/body skin

• Relax tendons and activate blood circulation: dredge meridians and promote blood circulation

• Promote detoxification: flush out toxins and relax

• Dispelling cold and warming the palace: Warming the palace, improving cold and damp physique

Product Name

Rotary Negative Pressure RF Machine

Touch screen

15 inch

Radio frequency


Vacuum Negative Pressure


Angle of rotation



Red and blue double light

operating voltage




Airbox size



13229991669 13229991669