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The internationally recognized gold standard for wrinkle removal and anti-aging uses the optimal frequency of 6.78MHz to achieve deep wrinkle removal/firming and lifting/body shaping/beauty.

The internationally recognized gold standard for wrinkle removal and anti-aging/the real Israeli technology anti-aging queen


The real anti-aging queen of Israeli technology combines the optimal frequency of 6.78MHz with semiconductor constant temperature cooling technology to provide the best therapeutic effect for skin aging problems; 6.78MHz radio frequency is the internationally recognized gold standard for wrinkle removal and anti-aging. La Reina is The thermal energy of 6.78Mhz per second is efficiently penetrated into the basal layer and fascia layer of the skin. It uses high-energy and high-frequency radio frequency technology as a breakthrough medium to penetrate the skin in a balanced manner with precise positioning, directly reaching wrinkles and tissue relaxation. It instantly and efficiently activates subcutaneous collagen and fibers, promotes massive collagen regeneration, and automatically replenishes new collagen. The lack of collagen causes skin depressions, effectively lowers skin temperature, protects skin safety, improves treatment comfort, and most importantly enhances The radiofrequency power penetrates the skin at a suitable depth to further achieve the best therapeutic effects such as wrinkle removal and anti-aging. Wrinkles, skin thinning, and muscle sagging caused by relaxation are used to reconstruct the collagen scaffold, thereby achieving deep wrinkle removal, firming, body shaping, and beautification.


1. Good effect: Larena can promote the increase of skin collagen, keep it young, effectively delay facial aging, remove wrinkles, whiten spots, and tighten the skin. The skin texture is significantly improved after treatment.

2. Non-invasive: painless, non-invasive, no side effects, physical therapy, wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation, which is beneficial to improving skin and reshaping facial contours.

3. Comprehensive: Larena has a wide range of applications. It can rejuvenate the skin all over the body, activate growth factors in the skin, and stimulate collagen regeneration. The effect is very good.

4. Usage scenarios: La Reina is not a medical device and can be used in chain stores such as beauty salons and SPA clubs.

5. Multiple handle options: three working handles of different sizes and dimensions, humanized design for treatment of eyes, face and body.


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