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Multifunctional Body Facial Care Tools Red Light Therapy Whitening Moisturizing Special Equipment for Home Beauty Salon

The oversized LED spectrometer uses the latest LLLT photodynamic principle to activate deep cells, allowing the skin to better metabolize, increase glycogen box protein content, and promote blood flow···


The largest home LED device on the market. The most efficient full body LED device for any area of the body. It can be used on legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, face and any area you want to treat. Equipped with the latest new lllt photodynamic technology, it activates deep cells, allows the skin to metabolize better, increases glycogen box protein content, promotes blood flow and circulation, and can treat cellulite, stretch marks, sunburn, weight loss, and spider veins. Problems such as wrinkles and acne.

Efficacy: Acne blemishes, deep repair, wrinkle reduction, tights lifting, skin aging, neck care, chest repair

About this product

Multifunctional treatment machine: negative ions; ultrasound, positive ions; infrared color; high brightness, high purity, high headlight; one machine for multiple purposes.

Appearance design: intelligent adjustment, simple and easy to understand, large foldable operation, and strong penetrating power.

The beauty instrument provides: large lighting range, long service life of LED lamp, and subcutaneous tissue wavelength of 5 mm.

7 colors of light: Combining 7 colors of light, the skin rejuvenation instrument uses 7 colors of light as skin guardians to solve skin problems. Different wavelengths target specific problems.

Safety and health: The natural beauty machine uses LED light therapy for skin circulation and anti-aging. It has no side effects, is healthy and safe, easy to use, does not burn, is comfortable and painless.


Improve symptoms of aging, skin sagging, etc.

1. Slim lines.

2. Improve pathological pigment changes such as freckles, sun spots, and age spots.

3. Improve dull skin color caused by poor metabolism or poor blood circulation.

4. Repair and maintain damaged skin.

5. Carry out effective contraction, anti-inflammation, and scar removal treatment.

Applicable scenarios: beauty salons and health care centers.


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