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How to have younger, plumper, healthier looking skin.

Photodynamic PDT LED Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvention Beauty Facial Machine,Suitable for cosmetic and medical use.,It is known as one of the effective and non-invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the skin,It is a gentle, comfortable, painless and non-invasive treatment, much like the process of photosynthesis.It is safe, comfortable, restorative in nature and suitable for all skin types. Combined with other skincare-based and technology-enhancing treatments to optimize results.


LED light penetrates into subcutaneous tissue. Mitochondria absorb the photon light energy and are energised. The stimulated mitochondria produce more ATP, which stimulates cells to reproduce faster and function like younger cells. The super luminous light promotes cell wall exchange and stimulates microcirculation of blood, more collagen and elastin are produced, which leads to reduced wrinkles and decreased healing time. Skin becomes younger, plumper & healthier.

pdt led light therapy benefits

• Rosacea

• Skin rejuvenation

• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• Acne & oily skin

• Reduce melanin production

• Reduce inflammation & pain relief

• Accelerate wound healing & bruise resolution

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