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Difference between 808 hair removal and OPT hair removal

808 semiconductor laser hair removal uses a laser with a wavelength of 808nm to directly act on the melanin in the hair matrix of the target tissue, heating the hair follicles to above 75°C, and the hair follicles will be coagulated and inactivated by heat, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal without harming normal skin tissue. The principle of OPT hair removal is to use strong pulsed light with a broad spectrum of 610-1200nm, with a wide range of adjustable pulse widths, so it can remove hair from various parts of the human body with different colors and depths. It adopts the selective photothermal principle of intense pulsed light source, and uses the melanocytes in the hair follicles to absorb light of a specific band to generate heat in the hair follicles, selectively destroying the hair follicles, and rapidly increasing the temperature of the hair follicles, thereby avoiding damage to the hair follicles. The effect of hair removal is achieved while generating thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.Hair removal feeling: cool, slightly tingling, no pain.

808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal Apparatus uses 808nm wavelength laser to effectively penetrate deep into the target tissue, and the energy output is enough to destroy the dermal papilla without affecting normal tissue. Therefore, whether it is blond hair and white skin, or brown hair and brown skin, and black hair and yellow skin, it is not limited to hair removal of any hair color, skin color, or ethnicity. This is where laser hair removal is advanced and professional. But the function is single and only has the function of hair removal.

Hair Removal Treatment Options:10-30 minutes for whole body; 10-20 minutes for hairline; 15-20 minutes for leg hair; 10 minutes for underarm hair. 5-6 times can achieve the desired effect.

OPT hair removal is an intelligent non-exfoliating skin reconstruction system that uses perfect IPL technology and real sine wave RF technology. It is an upgrade of IPL photon hair removal and E-light freezing point hair removal. It has comprehensive functions and high cost performance. It is a beauty instrument widely used in the industry. OPT hair removal is a very safe hair removal method. It is highly professional, has no side effects on the human body, has no effect on the skin, and has the effects of whitening and moisturizing.

Hair Removal Treatment Options:20-40 minutes for full body; 10-20 minutes for hairline; 15-20 minutes for leg hair; 10 minutes for underarm hair. 5-6 times can achieve the desired effect.

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