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Portable Velashape 3 Body Slimming Machine

Quick Details

Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China

Feature:  Weight Loss, Breast Enhancers

Function:  Body Slimming

Technology:  Vacuum+Cavitation+ RF

Keywords:  Cavitation Machine Ultrasonic

Warranty:  1 Year

Application:  Multifunction Body Slimming Treatment Machine

Product name:  RF Vacuum Cavitation Laser Machine

Voltage:  110V/220V 50-60Hz

Handles:  5 Handles

Name:  Vacuum Rolling Valashape Machine

Style:  Vertical

Single package size: 88X36X45 cm

Single gross weight: 65.000 kg

Effective Vacuum+bipolar Rf+ Laser+roller Hot Circumferiential Reduce Fat Velashape 3 Device Cellulite

40khz ultrasonic cavitation for fat exploding

Ultrasonic cavitation combined with RF vacuum roller; new and groundbreaking treatment to obtain a slim body by intensifying collagen, liquefying fat, and compression the skin. Lipo-Cavitation or Ultra-Cavitation may be the innovative world-shattering procedure in which may take people to a fresh level proposing unsettled slimming results and the aptitude to look ages younger in a few weeks. This latest revolution designed to give people great results without surgery has been extremely successful.


1. Body slimming, contouring & shaping

2. Fat and cellulite reduction

3. Skin Tightening

4. Wrinkle Removal

5. Warm vacuum cellulite massage

6. Eyes’ area treatments

7. Face wrinkle removal & lifting

8. Promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation

9. Increase skin elasticity



Synergistic Use of Energies - The Velasmooth Pro device employs four treatment modalities

-Infrared, Blue and Green lights heats the tissue up to 2mm depth.

-Radio Frequency (RF) heats tissue from 5 to ~ 15mm depth.

-Vacuum +/- massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue.

-Mechanical massage provides lymphatic drainage (dermal and hypodermal ).

Biological Impact of Treatment –Increased -abolism leading to demarcated desired ana-bolic and catabolic alterations at predeter-mined skin components and depths. 


Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum +/- Massage mechanism

a. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters

d. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen 

and nutrients

e. Enables heating at different depths


Heating (infrared + radio frequency energies

a. Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin

b. Facilitates fibroblast activity

c. Increases metabolism of fat cells

d. Improves skin texture





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